High reliability of water processing and water treatment systems manufactured by “VodEcoFiltr” is ensured by the use of equipment and materials from leading manufacturers in the world market of water treatment equipment


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About us

“VodEcoFiltr” plant is one of the leading manufacturers of the water treatment and water processing equipment. Our company carries out development, design engineering, manufacturing, supply, installation, commissioning and warranty and post-warranty maintenance of water treatment and wastewater treatment objects of any complexity. Thanks to the vast experience of our specialists, all implementation stages of your projects will be executed within the shortest possible time, and at a high quality and technological level.

Having undertaken obligations, we try to find an individual approach to each client. We appreciate your time and our work significance.

The company is focused on manufacturing and selling of wastewater treatment and water treatment systems that can be used in:

  • In the food industry: water processing for the manufacturing of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, dairy and bakery products, water treatment at processing of meat and fish, production of mayonnaise, ice cream, etc.
  • Water treatment and water processing in chemical, metallurgical and microelectronic industries;
  • Water processing in medicine: pharmaceutical, perfumery and cosmetic industry:
  • Water treatment and water treatment in heat power engineering of housing and communal services (cooling circuits, boilers, steam generators);
  • Water treatment and water processing in maintenance of industrial buildings, office and residential premises;
  • Mobile block-modular plants of household wastewater treatment of "BIOS" series (for small populated areas):
  • Mobile block-modular treatment plants of household wastewater treatment of "Kos-Bm" series of high capacity (including use of patented technology of membrane bioreactor of MBR)
  • Mobile block-modular plants of processing and treatment of effluent filtrate of "Kos-Bm-P" series in food industry (production residue of canteens, public catering chains;
  • Mobile block-modular plants of processing and treatment of effluent filtrate of "Kos-Bm-P" series in food industry (production residue of canteens, public catering chains;

Our manufacturing facilities

Production area of “VodEcoFiltr” is 2.8 ha

At manufacturing area:

  • Office space - 460 m2
  • Carcass constructions and module buildings assembly workshop - 2430 m2
  •  Electromechanical devises assembly workshop – 480 m2
  • Metal working workshop – 320m2
  • Storage facilities with total area of –1200 m2;
  • Utility facilities– 400 м2
  • Paint booth – 200 m2
  • Abrasive treatment workshop – 200 m2

Automobile transport

“VodEcoFiltr” has own autotransport division for fast and high quality delivery of component parts and materials for its production and finished products for Customers
There are special vehicles:
  • MAN with semitrailers (“euro tent”)
  • MAN with low-frame sliding trawls “Doll” (large-sized equipment)
  •  “Gazelle-Business Farmer” for transportation of installation teams and tools.
  • “KAMAZ” towing tractor and bulk truck
  • Off-road cars “UAZ” and “Suzuki” for warranty maintenance at any time of the year
  •  Auto crane “Ivanovets” with 25t excavator-loader “JCB”
  • Special vehicles for soil compacting works

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Water waste treatment, water processing, water treatment, water disinfection systems, car washing plants. manufactured by “VodEcoFiltr”


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